Other services
Apart from accounting services and a personnel and wages service, we provide also services of our tax advisor.

Tax advisory services

We propose all Clients with a service model developed in big corporations. Apart from accounting services and a personnel and wages service, we provide also services of our tax advisor.

This profession and such services are rendered under the Polish act on tax advising of 05-07-1996. The following is provided within this scope: pieces of advice and opinions on tax optimisation, representing in fiscal proceedings before tax authorities, customs, fiscal authorities, and administrative courts.podatek

Our offer covers: obtaining reliefs, exemptions, submitting
complaints, lodging claims and challenges, representing a tax payer fully before an enforcement body, and applying in the name of a tax payer for individual interpretations of tax law.


Virtual computers

We hold our own professional server room with a wide Internet access provided by more than two independent suppliers. We provide servers for applications, mail, and data base service. We offer disc array with ample space. All is secured with an emergency power supply from a power generator, to guarantee continuous work of devices even in case of municipal network’s breakdown.


We offer Clients with the so called virtual computers as an additional service. Everyone can install any software on their own and work locally using any equipment (e.g. fiscal printers). This solution allows to run even a big company without having to build own technical back-up and becoming dependent on one physical location.

We continue to develop the possibility of using remote access.


Registered office


We help start-up type companies. Especially for new entrepreneurs and foreign companies planning their business in Poland, we disclose for co-use a fitted and equipped premise directly next to our office in Rzeszów.

This gives a Client a registered office and address for correspondence. For an additional fee, we allow to book a time and place to meet with a counterpart.

The address disclosed is: Al. Rejtana 10A / 210, PL-35-310 Rzeszów. Jurisdiction: National Court Register [KRS] District Court in Rzeszów, First Tax Office in Rzeszów (for foreign capital entities – Podkarpackie Province Tax Office in Rzeszów), Social Insurance Institution in Rzeszów, Statistical Office in Rzeszów.



A standard book-keeping contract does not cover storing of Client’s documents upon expiration of the settlement period.

To meet a growing demand and expectations, we run a professional archive. It is fitted with all required safeguards. We keep files in their paper form or we digitalise them onto data carriers.